Moms Make The Darndest Things

I've been making baby wipe cases for a while and giving them as gifts when people have babies.  They are so much nicer to carry around instead of those ugly hunks of plastic.  I myself have 3 different ones that I carry in my diaper bags. 
Back in November i had this idea to start selling them.  So I made a facebook page called Moms Make The Darndest Things (thanks for the name hubby ;) and  since then i've branched out and made  baby hair clips, baby legs, drawstring bags, bibs, pillow cases and of course cakes and cupcakes.  My projects are going well and i'm coming up with more things to add to the page.
Right now i'm having 2 give aways, one for a Thomas pillow case and the other is a set of hair clips.  If you have facebook come and "like" me before 100 people do and you'll be entered to win either one of those :)

Come "Like" me here! :!/pages/Moms-Make-The-Darndest-Things/164716646899773


Yup, it does!  Today was a horrible day for Alex and well, Ryan and myself to because when you have a cranky baby that makes everyone else misserable.  Ryan is a trooper though, he will just keep busy but I feel bad that I can't give him the attention I want to because I need to give it to Alex.

Alex was teething ALL morning and everything I tried to make it better didn't work.  Teething gel, cold compress, snuggles, playing, chewing on something hard...non of it worked.  I've never had to deal with this before because when Ryan was teething we never ever knew, new teeth would just appear and he never seemed bothered by it.  So I feel like i'm starting over and I don't know what to do to make it better or even if I can.  I really hope these teeth pop through soon.  He has his 2 bottoms ones which I just love but it's time the other ones came through and gave everyone a break for a while so we don't have to hear his pain and see this sad little face.

For those who know Alex or who follow my blog this kid has a smile 24/7 so for me to post sad faced pics is weird.  Funny thing to, these pics are of the same kid but they look so different.  In the first he was really upset....(he looks so much like me as a baby here to) and in the second I managed to distract him with a cold compress to chew on.

Hopeing for a better day tomorrow.

His favorite train!

Everyone knows that Ryan loves Thomas and ever since his birthday he's been dying to play with his new track that we used on his cake.  He totally loves this thing and will just sit there and watch the train go round and round.  I wish we had more space to add more tracks but this will have to do for now and I think he's pretty content with it.

My Crazy Baby!

We call Alex our crazy baby or babyzilla, he's so much more active than Ryan ever was as a baby.  He started sitting at 4 months, crawling at 5, standing and furniture walking at 5 and 6 months.   Sure, he's not walking yet and we are totally ok with that, I mean he can crawl almost as fast as Ryan can run down the hall lol. 

Today he was being the little dare devil his is and I see him doing this.  Of course I don't say no, get down that's dangerous and you could fall, I grab my camera lol.  It was just too cute not to take  pictures of.

Ryan saw what Alex was doing and wanted to join in and i said no, because that would be dangerous and Alex could fall  or you could fall together....but that he could stand behind him so I could take a picture of them together.

Don't they have the best smiles ever?!

Later on Alex was being grump...yes he gets grump, you wouldn't no that from all the huge smiling pics of him but he does.  Anyways I got a bottle for him and sat him on my lap and while he drank if he fell asleep.  He does that a lot and I love it.  After I was sure he was asleep I turned him around to so he could lie on my shoulder and i had to snap these pics of his gorgeous face I get to look at everytime we do this.  I just love moments like this...i'll be sad when they are gone.  They aren't the greatest focus cause I had to take it myself but you can still see what I mean.

Precious huh <3

I especially love this position cause everytime I look down and see this face i have to kiss it a thousand times.

Birthday Pictures

Ryan's Birthday party was a blast.  We had it at a play center called Go Bananas and all the kids had so much fun.  I will definately be taking my boys back there to play. 

I'd have to say that besides the huge play area that the cake was the next favorite thing about the party.  I made Ryan's cake like I do every year and this year I made him a Thomas themed cake since that is what he's really into right now.  It took probably a good 7 hours to make this cake....give or take a bit since I did take some much needed breaks.  I made a vanilla/chocolate marble cake with vanilla icing on the bottom and chocolate on the top then covered the cakes in fondont and added some stars, clouds, trains along with a moving train!  It was a big hit.  The kids all gathered around the cake and were in such aww of it.  Ryan was pretty please himself since that was the first time he was seeing it as well :)

I wish we had a little more time in the party room, we have an hour and 45 minutes but with set up, and getting the kids all back in the room to eat...a long with eating and cake there wasn't much time left for opening presents.  We managed to get it done because Ryan insisted even though there were only a few people left since everyone else went back to the play area.  I prefer to open gifts infront of everyone anyways so that we can say our thank-you's in person.  Ryan got a pretty good stash this year, he was excited to get home and go through it all.  Thanks to everyone for coming and the lovely gifts :)  I hope you all had a great time, we sure did :)

I'm going to post pictures but more in a story board kind of format, I think it might be easier and faster for me to do it this way since it takes a while for photos to load on a photo hosting site and then adding the codes takes time as well.  I hope you enjoy it this way :)

Click the video and watch Thomas go around the cake :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday to the sweetest most loving, funny boy I know.  I can't believe 3 years have gone by already.  I look forward to the years ahead as you  grow and learn more.

Happy Birthday Ryan, Love always and forever Mommy, Daddy and Alex

Ryan is turning 3!

Tomorrow my baby Ryan is turning the big 3!  How could this be?  Where did the time go?  This year went by incredibly fast.  Ryan has grown and learnt so much this past year.  Kevin and I are always shocked and look at eachother like what?  how does he know that?  when did he learn that?  He's 3 going on 10 lol. 

We are having a party for him tomorrow and tonight i'm going to be so busy putting his cake together.  I've got it made and cut into the shapes that I want it to be in and now I just have to decorate it and add some special touches to it.  I hope it's going to be as amazing as Kevin and I picture it.  I don't know why but I always get nervous when I make a cake, I always need to step it up from the year before.  If this cake turns out how we want it to I have know idea what i'm going to do next year lol.