So Proud!

So proud of my little man!  Ryan passed his preschool level 1 swimming class!! 

I took the boys swimming early and helped Ryan practice his back float before his lesson.  The teacher said he needed to relax a bit more and put his ears in the water while he was doing his back float.  We did it a few times and he nailed it.  He did 10 times better than Monday when we went and practiced.  I watched him do his lesson and he nailed everything.  I was one proud momma :D 

After his class he said "i'll be right back mom I have to go and get my reward"  How cute!!  He received his little swimming report card with his first badge on it!  He was one happy kid :)


I forgot to post Ryans swimming videos.  I'm so proud of him, he's come a long way since he started just a few weeks ago.  He didn't have a lesson on Monday as it was a holiday but I took him swimming anyway so we could practice and be ready for his last session tomorrow.  I'm so excited for him to pass and move up a level! :)

I took these videos last week.  I wish I could take pics and videos of both my boys in the pool but that just isn't going to happen.

Ryan jumps in!

Ryan floats on his back!

Ryan hi 5's and oops falls in.  - That wasn't suppose to happen lol, you ccan see the look of shock on his face :p

So proud of my little man :)

Keeping Busy

I didn't realize I hadn't posted in a while.  I've been so busy with the boys and looking for a new place to live that I forgot about the blog :/  oppps. 

Ryan is doing really good in swimming.  He's come a long way in just a few sessions.  He went from being scared to blow bubbles in the water to putting his whole face in and he's getting better at relaxing on his back.  If all goes well on Wednesdays last session he should be able to move to the next! 

I love having time with Alex in the pool while Ryan has his lesson.  He's such a water baby and jumps on my back while I float around. 

I've been searching for a new place for us to move as Alex needs his own room so Kevin and I can have ours back for a little while.  With my mother in laws help I was able to view a townhouse and just got a call to view another townhouse and am waiting for both to call back.  I hope the 2nd calls back first so we can view it and then I can decide which I like better.  I might choose the first only because we do gain a garage and a play room and as far as I can tell from pictures the 2nd doesn't have either.  The more space the better.  I explain to Ryan that eventually we will be moving and he came to view the first one with me and got all excited and already choose his room.  Of course it was the master bedroom lol and I told him no no no, that's mommy and daddy's get one of those small ones :p  He choose one of the others and luckily it was the one I had in mind for him.  I hope the transition for both boys will be easy.  They don't know any different as they've been in the place we are at now since birth. I think it will be a bit hard in the begining, especially at night but we'll get through it as it happends.

I'm slowly starting to get rid of stuff  I haven't worn or used...I don't want to pack it all.  I'm already feeling very overwhelmed at the thought of packing and moving...oh ya and then there is un packing.  ick lol!

Anyways, not sure what else to update on besides being busy and it being 12;07 am and can't think of anything else to write on to adorable pics of my boys :)

Super Good

About a week ago I went to the leisure center to get a family pass.  Kevin didn't make that much last year so we got a family pass that usually costs 900 bucks for the year for only $12.75!!!  How sweet is that!  We are so taking advantage this year and going swimming, skating, working out and what ever they offer! 
I've been wanting to sign Ryan up for swimming lessons for a while and now that summer is upon us...(i hope)  I felt that now is the time.  So today I decided to take the boys swimming at a pool I used to go to since it's one of the nicest in my area.  As soon as we got inside the boys were super excited (I didn't tell them where we were going :p ).  I needed to get our passes since the other rec centers printers were down and so I asked about signing Ryan up and the lady told me the dates and times.  I choose Mondays and Wednesdays at 1030.  Luckily we were just in time for his first lesson!  I asked how much is was going to be and because we have the "low income" pass - thanks to hubby for making crap last year lol...we got him in lessons for only $12.50!!!  Usually the lessons are $57.00 for 8 sessions.  Totally scored again!  We arrived just before 10 so we had a bit of time in the pool before his lesson started then Ryan was off and Alex and I had our time in the pool together.  This is going to work out really well because Ryan will have his lessons with a swim teacher and Alex will be with just me so I can focus on just in a way they both get lessons at the same time aaaaand since the lessons are in the same pool I can also watch Ryan from time to time, while I play with Alex!

Cell phone pics of the boys...Always super happy :D