Fun with Friends

My friend Laurie invited us to the Aquarium today. She has a membership and offered a free pass to me and lucky for the boys they are all still FREE!! :) This was my second time to the Aquarium, at least that I ever remember. I may have gone when I was younger but I don't remember. The boys love it there and Ryan is always asking to go back. He loves the beluga whales. All the boys had a great time running around checking everything out. It was a good outing, something different and it keeps the obys busy and happy :) Oh the moms too ;)

Quentin was too busy running around to sit for a group photo! :p

Park Pics

Just a few pics from the park.  The boys loved playing with Shay!!

                                                                   Whoa that's cold!!

     I love how Alex looks confused, like why is mommy not on the other side of the camera lol!

I love baby hair <3


Kevin's younger cousin Shay came to stay with us for 3 days.  The boys love her and she loves staying with us.  I thought it would be a good idea if we headed downtown and took a ride on the sea bus.  the boys have never been and it's been a while since Shay or myself had been on it.  So we headed downtown.  As we got to the seabus we saw a huge line up and we were wondering what the heck was going on.  Then someone yelled out that it would be a 30-45 minute wait to get on it.  I was shocked!  Then it dawned on me that this was the first sunny day in quite a while so I guess people were taking advantage of it and getting out to enjoy it.  I decided that we were not going to wait that long, it was just too long to wait and to hot.  Instead we just walked around waterfront for a bit and I showed Shay and the boys where I used to work.

Is it sad to say that I still miss my first  "official" job?  I loved working at Bagel Street Cafe.  I loved all the girls and loved the people that came in.  I also loved catering for the cruise ships, hotels andthe 2 biggest newspapers and a few other shops.

I loved seeing these everyday and meeting all the tourists that would come and order bagels.

This is the building for The Province and Vancouver Sun Newspapers.  I loved delivering to the offices and looking out the window.  What an amazing view they have!  I worked on the bottom floor...forgot to take a picture though.  Bagel Street Cafe is no longer there though but there is another bagel place in it's spot.

After staying downtown for a bit we headed back home.  We were invited to my dads for dinner so that is where we went.  The boys had fun playing out side and Shay was brave enough to jump in the cold pool.

Congrats to my Hubby!

Kevin has finally graduated from his Heavy Duty Mechanics course and now he can apply to become and apprentice!!!  Congrats to my hubby it's been a long 8 months!  Thanks for all you've done for our family and all you will continue to do, we love you! :)

Kevins class had a BBQ for the last day and he asked me to make cupcakes.  He wanted them to be colored like the big machines he'll be working on so we did them a yellowish orange and a greyish,  oh and a cherry filling!   I like how they turned out, totally heavy duty machinish colors right? lol!

He made me breakfast!

Ryan loves his play kitchen that he got last christmas from "Santa"  He likes to make me some random stuff.  This morning he made me breakfast, what a nice boy!  It sure looked tastey, so much that I was craving the real thing!

Playground Fun

Today my friend Laurie and I took are kids to the park.  They played in the water park for a bit and then went over to the playgroud.  I love this park, it's perfect for the kids.  I hope we have more sunny days to do the water park again.


I'm on the boys about sharing all the time, mostly with toys.  This morning I caught Ryan sharing his yogurt with Alex....even though Alex just finished his lol.  He was so happy that his brother was willing to share his.

LOL!  opend wide!