He's 5!!!!!

My baby is 5! ....and he couldn't be more excited!!  He's been waiting for this day for the past 3 years.  He's so excited that he's 5, he knows that when he's 5 he can go to kindergarten!  I had to explain to him that he has to wait till after summer to go to school.  He thought that the day after he turned 5 he would be going to school lol. 

He woke up before me and was in his room reading.  I asked him to come and give me a hug and started to sing "Happy Birthday" to him but got shaky after "birthday" and had to stop...that ws as far as I could go with out tearing up.  My baby was now 5  - That's a big age, for him and me.  After I "sang" Happy Birthday he said "it's my birthday?"  I said "yes"  he said with excitment "i'm really 5 today?"  and i said "yes"  He squealed hugged me tight and was sooooo happy!

Today I decided to take the boys to preschool and that after we'd stop at Toys R Us so he could pick out his own gift.  He was pretty cool with that. 

Later that night we took him out for his birthday dinner.  We found a place called "Choo Choo's"  Perfect for a little boy who loves trains.  When we walked in they had a whole bunch of toy trains on top of the dessert case.  The ladies said the boys could pick some out to take to the table to play with.  They were both excited about that and both picked about 6 trains each!

Dinner was served...  we ate....

Then after we ate the waitress asked if we'd like dessert.  Of course the boys said "YES"  2 waitress's came out blowing train whistles with icecream and came and sang Happy Birthay to Ryan.  He was shocked lol....embarassed but happy.

I still can't believe he's 5...i've been a mommy for 5 years!  He's such and amazing, kind, smart, funny, loving kid.  I'm looking forward to the next 5 years.....as long as they go a little bit slower ;)

Party Time!

Today we had a birthday party for Ryan.  His actual birthday isn't until the 22nd but parties are best on weekends so that everyone can make it.  He wanted to have a Spiderman themed party, he wanted me to make him a spiderman cake and hav it at a place called captin kids.  So I did just what he asked...and because he asked so nice :)

First I  made his invites, I just sent them by email this time as I didn't have time and couldn't find my card printing paper and really didn't want to buy more.  We both loved how it turned out.

Gosh it's so hard to believe he's going to be 5!  Man time has flown by so fast!!

The day before I got the goody bags ready (I forgot to take pics :(  )  and I made his cake.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to make this cake - mostly putting spiderman on it.  I had bought a spiderman figurine but it just wasn't enough.  I googled spiderman cakes and found a few that I like and attempted to draw it on myself.  I put the blue icing on first and then after that I was figuring out how the heck am I going to do this, I can't draw spiderman!  Well it turns out I can...and pretty dam good if I do say so myself :p  I outlined the whole thing on the icing with a knife first, then piped all the red, did the white and pipped the black last.  I was relieved when I was done and so proud that I pulled another cake off!  I knew Ryan was gonna love it!

I got the birthday boy ready for his party...he was looking pretty darn cool and was super excited!
His party was great and all the kids had a great time.  He absolutly loved his cake and told me thank-you!!  What a sweetie he is.  He got a lot of great gifts from friends and family....he was so excited about his new spiderman underwear....i love it when he's excited about underwear and clothes lol!

Thanks to everyone that came on his special day :)

20 Weeks!

I'm 20 weeks pregnant today and finally had my ultrasound.  I've been waiting for this day since I found out I was pregnant.  Nothing feels better or more real until you hear the heartbeat and see your little one on the screen.  It never fails, I always get teary eyed the minute I hear the heartbeat. 

This clinic and a lot of others now will not tell you the gender of the baby which totally sucks.  We like to find out the gender so we can finally give the baby a name and start preparing for it.  If we have a boy we already have everything but if we have a girl we basically have to start from scratch...well half way.

I watched the screen like crazy, never took my eyes off it.  I watched for boy parts...girl parts...but I could never quite tell.  I didn't see any boy parts so I figured it must be a girl....but what if the tech just whized by that part and I just didn't notice.  My heart was racing, I just wanted to know.  The appointment was about 30 min and in the end left with 3 pictures.....beautiful pictures of my baby............but I wanted to know if this little person was a girl or a boy.

Up the street I stopped in at UC Baby, a 3d/4d ultrasound place...i've been there before with my last 2 pregnancies and loved it.  I asked if I could get an appointment for gender determination and she had a spot for 645pm later that evening.  I booked it and waited...........I felt like it was the longest day ever, just waiting for the clock to get close enough for the time we should leave.

As we drove there my heart was racing....I just wanted to get there and get it done....and find out.  Either way it didn't matter but we just wanted to know.  We finally arrived and I needed to fill out some paper work and then we were in.  I layed on the table anxious to see....boy or girl?!

The tech showed us the spine, the heart beating and then the money shot...........we  were shocked......... we are having a GIRL!  Ryan was so excited he squealed and said "i'm having a sister!"  I was so happy, yet shocked.  I guess the tech didn't think we believed her so she showed us like 5 different times and views and she moved, and yes it was a girl....no boy parts!

We are having a daughter, we are so excited! 

Sera Gabrielle will be arriving sometime between may 20-26, I will find out a date in February.
She's beautiful <3