MMM Strawberries


Fun Day!

Today was nice, I hung out with my  mom and the boys in the morning and then after that Kevin took me and the boys to the play center Go Bananas to let the boys run around and burn off some energy.  It was much needed for everyone since Kevins been working a lot and going to school everyday we don't get to see him much.  We took turns playing with the boys and they really enjoyed there selves.  After that we went out for a bite to eat and then after all of that we headed out for some icecream.  Funny thing is we weren't going to do it cause we were full from dinner and it had been snowing and it got heavier and was really cold out but we just said lets do it.  It's not something we do often and it's a great way to end the fun filled afternoon.  We all got some crazy flavors and enjoyed them till our tummies were ready to burst and then headed home with the heat blasting in the car to keep us warm. 

Fun at Preschool

I say all the time that i'm so glad I found out about this Strong Start program offered at some local elementary schools.  My boys have so much fun there are I love taking them.  They both have learned so much since joining in October.  Ryan and Alex both love story time and when they do songs Alex gets so excited and has started doing some of the hand movements that go with the songs, it's super cute.  I'll have to get a video of that soon :)

Bath Giggles!

I love when my boys make eachother laugh, it's the best sound ever.  They do this in the car to, it's hilarious!

Please VOTE for Alex!

Please VOTE for Alex to be the next face of Johnson's Baby products!
Thanks to those who vote  :D


Preschool must have been tiring today.  I tried to get him to take a nap and he didn't want to, he was being good and seemed fine and then 5 mintues later I look over and he's passed out.  Silly little man.

Happy 11 Months!

Oh man, 1 more month till Alex is 1!.  Every month I say it's gone by way too turning 1 is right around the corner.  I wish he could stay this age for ever cause he's a fricken cutie!  Like Ryan, I can't wait to watch him grow and keep learning new things.

Happy Valentines Day

Today at preschool we had a Valentines party so I made my famous cupcakes for the day.  Everyone loves my cupcakes so now everytime there is a special day at preschool Monica (the teacher) makes sure i'm bringing some.

The boys had a good time enjoying their snacks and playing with there friends :)

I love this face!

How could you not?!

and this face too...

1st Hair Cut!

So today, last minute before going out I decided to give Alex his first hair cut...more like a trim I guess. I'm happy with it and  it looks so much better now.



Kiss Kiss

All done :D


Owie, Hair, Teeth

This morning Alex got his first real goose egg.  We always joke that this kids needs his head bubble wraped or we should buy a helmet for him.  He's always bonking his head and this morning he did a pretty good job.  He went to stand up near the desk and lost his balance and fell forward hitting his head on the edge of the desk.  He was not happy...but here you wouldn't know it.

I love Alex's hair, babies have the best hair.  Kevin keeps asking me when i'll cut his hair and I said I don't know.  I cut Ryans hair just before he turned one and I'd like to do the same with Alex but i'm having troubles doing it.  Maybe it's because he's a go go kind of kid and that with scissors is a bad mix.  Maybe i just like his hair and want to see where it's going to go, what it looks like longer than Ryans.  I don't know.  I like a clean cut look so knowing me I will end up cutting/trimming it before his birthday....which means i have just over a month to decide.

Alex also has some knew teeth coming in which would explain why he's been a bit of a pain in the butt lately.  I was changing him and when he opened his mouth I noticed the top looked a bit whiter with a little bump and sure enough a top tooth or 2 looks like it will be popping in very soon.  The next few days...weeks should be interesting.  I'm taking in the gummy 2 teeth smiles while I can...I just LOVE his little grin with 2 teeth.


So I had a flash back today thanks to Alex.  I was in the washroom and when I came out I found him like this:

You can see he was super happy about this lol

This was a flash back moment for me because this exact thing happend in 2009 when Ryan did it.

Ryan was like "i didn't do anything mommy"

The looks on there faces when I caught them was priceless.  Why is it that when our kids are up to no good we take pictures and think it's cute lol. 

Been Busy

I've been a busy bee.  I received a sewing maching for christmas and ever since i've been busy making stuff with it.  I love doing crafty stuff and at first I was making baby wipe cases and hair bows but ever since i got this sewing machine I can't seem to stop using it.  I've made quite a few different things and have started selling it as well.  One of the first things I made was a Thomas pillow case for Ryan and he loved it.  I also made him a Cars one and he takes it everywhere with him.  I made Alex a skull pillow case and I use that in the stroller to help him sit forward more since the seat leans back a bit far it sits him up to see more.  So far I think he loves it to.
I wish I would have paid more attention in sewing class in grade 8, but for some reason i just didn't.  Oh well you gotta start somewhere, sometime right?

Here are some of my projects.  I also have a facebook page where you can see everything i've made and even purchase if you want :)!/pages/Moms-Make-The-Darndest-Things/164716646899773

Here are some other things i've made before i received the sewing maching.

I can't wait to start making the other projects i have in mind :)