26.6 Weeks

‎27 week tomorrow,  11 weeks 4 days left!  I can't wait!!! I'm suprised my back isn't killing be yet! :) - and I actually feel bigger and think I look bigger than this photo lol

Pregnancy is still going good.  I'm at the stage now where mornings aren't good again like the first 3 months.  I don't actually get sick I feel so yucky in the mornings and just need to lay down.  I'm usually good to go after lunch time.  It sucks cause I have 2 little men to take care of and entertain so I hope this stage passes soon.

We have a DATE!!

Little Sera will come into the world May 21st!!  Unless she decides to make an appearance earlier (I hope not)  I'm so excited to finally have a date...I can't wait to meet her!

I had my Dr's appointment today, all is good.  Her heartbeat was about 150 and she's measuring 2 weeks ahead (i'm 26 weeks tomorrow) but that doesn't suprise me.  I haven't even gained 10 pounds yet which i'm happy about lol! 

I was suppose to have that awful glucose test today but I need to book an appointment for it now so it will be done tomorrow instead.....can't wait *sigh*  lol.

The boys love coming to the appointments with me (not like they have a choice)  They love hearing the babies heartbeat.  This time I asked to record it since Kevin is never able to come.  I thought he might like to hear it.

I think time is going to fly by now, i'll be having appointments every 2 weeks now!!  Only 12.5 weeks to go!!!

And now for the best sound ever <3


Happy Valentines Day!

Pretty in Purple!

Baby Sera's bedding arrived!  I'm in love with it, it's so pretty...and so purple!  It also looks way better in person :)  Of course once I had it I had to set it up :)  I still can't believe we are having a girl! 

For now just the crib is set up, I still need to put up wall decals, letters for her name and I need to get a dresser.