Sera's 1st Photoshoot

I did Sera's photos today, she was awesome.  She's such a sweetheart!  I'm s o lucky to have this little girl in our lives <3


Happy Birth-Day Sera!!

She's here, she's finally here!!!  Oh gosh what a day!  So we went to the hospital for 7am, c section was schedualed for 9am.  I went in got changed and got an iv started...and then waited.  I hated waiting...sitting there looking at blank walls and only seeing a huge clock in front of me.  Time was going by so slow.  9am came around and just as I figured the nurse came in and told us we'd be delayed about 30-45 minutes.  So again we waited.   About 40 minutes later it was our turn...our baby girl was going to be born very soon! 

We headed down to the OR, i'm so nervous and excited at the same time.  I go in and hubby waits outside till i'm all set up.  Just like I remember the room was freezing and people people around me were setting things up.  I had a spinal and it took 4 times to get the dam thing in.  I was shaking from being cold and tense that I couldn't stay still I guess.  I was getting pretty annoyed and finally relieved when he got it done.  Next I'm layed on the table, warm blankets are put on me....the blue curtain goes up and they start the procedure.  Hubby was let in and he sat next to me and we waited in silence for our girl to be born.  I remember with Alex the dr  did texts on me and asked me if I could feel anything before a cut was made but this time nothing was asked.  I'm pretty sure I heard the word testing and I guess I never moved or said anything that they continued on.   It felt like forever and then all the sudden I feel tugging, tons of pressure and then someone said we need the vac.  I was just thinking how big is she, why can't they get her out....and now they need a vaccum?!  A few more minutes later she was out, I felt relief like a huge boulder was lifted off of me and even more when she cried for the first time.  I cried along with was so amazing to finally hear her.

They took her to get weighed, measured and cleaned up....hubby was called over to take pics and cut the cord.  It felt like forever waiting to finally see her.  The nurse finally brought her over and tears just filled me eyes.  I was so in love...just like with my last babies.

Sera Gabrielle was born May 21, 2013 at 10:14am.  She was 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20.5 inches long...and a head full of dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Maternity Pictures

Today is the day before our daughter is born and I really wanted to get some pics of me and my very large belly before she arrived.  I loved the ones that my hubby did for me before Alex was born so I asked him to do them again. 

I still can't believe i'll be holding our daughter tomorrow!  I feel like I've been pregnant forever and just can't wait till I finally here her cry and have her in my arms.