Almost 4 years

Wow, I can't believe Ryan and Harper have known eachother for almost 4 years!  I met Harper and his mom when Ryan was about 3 months and Harper was just a month old.  Alex and Quentin have known eachother there whole little lives lol.  Those 2 are just 10 days apart.  It's so nice to see them grow up together and all play and get along together.  I hope they all stay pals for a really long time!

I snapped this picture of the 4 of's hard to get them all together for a photo, but I got one!

It's fun to look back at pictures of the boys...they were so cute...they are still cute, but in a big boy kind of more baby boys :(

Alex and Quentin, Quentin is 10 days older than Alex.  I love this pic of sweet <3

a few weeks laster...they got some chunk on lol!

The Gang!

Silly kids!

That's a bunch of good lookin kids right there!

Special Friends...

So I got a card in the mail today, not a card that I wanted but it was very thoughtful, and just another reminder that my cat is dead. The wrote a nice note must suck for them to have to write these cards and mail them out...I know it sucks to get one :(

I thought I was fine, ya, I cried the day she did and after that I was fine, sad but fine.  I was ok for probably a whole week and then I just lost it....I miss her...she was my baby for a long time and she was so beautiful, I miss her sweet face, holding her face in my hands while I messaged her sweet face with my thumbs as she purred. 


Happy 4th Birthday to my first born!!!!  Have a wicked day little buddy!
Momma, Daddy and Alex!

Ryan woke up bright and early and in the living room a bunch of presents were waiting for him.  He was super suprised and really excited.  He loved everything he got...even the bag of clothes lol!  Alex was just as exited and had fun helping Ryan open his gifts.  We got Alex a little something just so he wouldn't feel so left out, he was a pretty happy camper.

The birthday party was a success!  It was at Go Bananas again per his request.  He just loves that place, I don't know any kid that doesn't. 

This year the party these was Toy Story and again I made his cake...lucky boy!  He asked for chocolate cake and I filled the middle with bavarian cream...yum!

The goody bags I made :)  A friend asked where i got them and I said I made them...the look of shock on her face was cool lol!

Ryans brirthday stash!  I wish I was little again!

Checkin out his new ride ... thanks to pampers!  I redeemed my pampers points and got that sucker for free!

    Alex having a good time.

"Look mom, I got cool new clothes!  I love them!"  ...seriously?  At christmas he got clothes and said "I didn't ask for these"  and did a weird face  lol!

That's a happy 4 year old right there!

Alex having fun at Go Bananas...he really like these little things...I don't know what they are called though.

 Graham way up high!

Baby Anya...I can't wait to see her again soon!

The birthday boy!

Laurie and Harper - Cheese!

Time for cake!

Love that face!  He was so excited about his cake <3

He blew out the candles before I could snap a picture.


He's been wanting this Thomas video for a while now and was so excited to get it..he hugged and kissed it lol!

Thank-you to everyone who came out to celebrate Ryans special day with us! :)

RIP Mutant

Our beloved cat passed away sometime in the middle of the night.  She hadn't been doing well for a while, we think she had cancer and maybe some other problems along with old age.  She was such a brave girl, if she was ever in any pain she never showed it and still purred like crazy when I pet her.  I will miss her tons!


For the past week it's been snowing on and off and today I took the boys out to enjoy it.  Getting them ready to go outside reminded me of when I lived in Saskatoon and Winnipeg...putting on all those layers of clothes to stay warm...twice as many as here.  It took about 45 minutes to get us all ready.  I don't miss those days lol!  I didn't realize how actually cold it was until we got outside, man was it cold!  I let the boys play for about 10 minutes or so and then we went back into the lobby to warm up and change wet gloves to dry ones.  Once I felt they were warm enough we went outside again, they loved it!  We only lasted another 10 min or so before we were freezing again.  Alex's lips were starting to crack and bleed from the cold so I knew we had to go inside...i think he was ready anyways.  As much as I love it when it snows, i love it just as much when it goes away.  I hope it doesn't stick around for too long, but these last few days have been really cold!

Momma, take me in i'm too cold!

The Calming Jar

I found this cool little project on pinterest... love that site!  And so I decided to do this with Ryan and Harper.  You get any size jars you'd like, sparkles, glue and food coloring.  Fill the jars with water then add the ingredients, put the lid on the jar and shake!  The boys had a blast making them and loved watchig the sparkels twirl around and float everywhere.

Happy New Year!!

I just want to wish all my friends near and far a Happy New Year!!!  2012 will be Great! :)