Another one in a big boy bed!

Yep, Alex is now in a big boy bed...well big enough for him and that still fits in our room lol.  I wasn't sure how he'd do in a toddler bed, I figured he'd do ok since he's never tried to climb out of the crib and sleeps ok.  He did great his first night in it and didn't care that is was a bit differnt.  He ended up in abig boy bed 2 months earlier than Ryan did...but only because a friend gave it to us, if not for that he'd probably still be in a crib.

                                                                         Say bye bye crib!

Hello big boy bed!

And he's out!

My new babies!

Taking pictures will be extra fun with new new lenses!!!  My dad got me the 50mm-250mm for christmas and I got the 50mm f1.8 from London Drugs for a sweet deal!


Here's a pic I took of Ryan in the store with the 50mm that was on sale, and fell in love with it!  the first 2 are slightly edited and the last is straight out of camera!!


Merry Christmas to all our friends and family near and far!  We hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

Here are just a few pictures :)

This was done at the mall just out of the blue we got this picture done...Ryan, Alex and Harper are all fine with Santa but Quentin wanted nothing to do with him lol! 

The boys yearly Santa photos!  Alex LOVED santa and we had to yell at him to get his attention to look at the camera.

Chatting with Santa lol!

Love this pic I took of the boys, Now I have nice pics of Kevin and I, and the boys together...not quite a "family" picture but close enough and good enough for me! :)  I can't wait to frame them and hang them on the wall!

Christmas Cookies

So I found this neat idea on Pinterest, this site is totally addicting and I wish I had the time to do a lot of the cool stuff that is shown on it, but I do what I have time for and today is was these awesome cookies!

How awesome do those look! They look pretty neat and taste yummy too! 

All ya need is some christmas oreos..only sold in the states :(  but I got some :D

You also need a brownie mix and a muffin tin.  Prepare brownie mix like is says on the box then dip your oreos in the brownie batter, place in the muffin tin and bake for 8-10 minutes and yippie, yummy browie oreo cookies....soooo yummy!  A nice christmas treat and the red icing instead of white is a nice suprise, I got a lot of suprised looks after people took a bite and they noticed red icing! :)

Christmas Party at the Yatch Club

Well this is the 3rd year that we've been going to my grandpa's yatch club since meeting my dad.  It's for the kids and they have fun every year.  This year was set up a bit different.  Usually tables are set up for the kids to do crafts but this year they had the whole floor area and did a scavanger hunt and found christmas goodies to put in there tin they were given.  The boys and our cousins Leila and Connor did great and had a good time!

After that they enjoyed some lunch while Mrs Claus sang songs while waiting for Santa to arrive.  Ryan was choosen to go up and sing with Mrs Claus and got to wear the special Santa Hat :)  He had to much fun and looked so cute!

After a bunch of songs Mrs Claus said that Santa was on his way and that we better look outside and sure enough Santa was on a boat headed our way.  The kids were so excited waiving and yelling at Santa.

Santa finally arrived and the kids were so happy!  Santa came with a bag of goodies for the kids and the kids all gathered around and waited for Mrs Claus to call out the kids names.

The boys couldn't wait for there names to be called, they stayed really close to Santa to make sure they didn't miss a thing.  Once there names were called they got to sit on Santas lap and receive there gifts.  Both boys received model cars.   The boys, Leila and Connor had a great time and loved there gifts.

After the party was done at the Yatch Club we headed down to my grandpas yatch to visit for a bit before heading out.  The boys had a great time checking everything out and playing captin!

(That is cousin Shay, she stayed with us for a few days :) )

Welcome to the World Greyson!

My friend Tanya had her baby boy at 34 weeks.  Greyson Winter gruszecki was born December 17  at 12:37 6.7 lbs born at 34 w and 2 days preemie, 21 inches long.  His due date was Jan 26 but decided to show up early...kind of a good think cause she was getting big!  Her pregnancy reminded me of mine with Ryan, my belly was growing and growing and I didn't know how much longer I could take, or if and when i was going to explode!

Tanya asked me to watch her other son while she was having Greyson so Graham stayed with us and played with the boys, they had a good time!  So fun to see all the boys playing together and giggling away :) 

Lunch Time!

Showing there artistic side ;)

Snack and a movie ...Toy Story 3 ...of course!!

The afternoon after Greyson was born I got all the boys ready and headed downtown to see Tanya and the baby.  Ryan really wanted to see the baby but because he was born early he was in nicu so he wasn't allowed to go in.  He was sad :(  But I was happy, I got to see a new little baby...I love babies :)

Isn't Greyson adorable?!  I hope to take more pictures of him soon :)