Spring Break/Aquarium

Opps, i've been slacking on my blog...what can I say, I have 2 busy boys and sometimes it just hard after a long day to sit down and make a post. 

The boys had a long 2 weeks spring break from preschool....it was tooo long.  I enjoy taking the boys to preschool and they enjoy going so when there was no preschool for 2 weeks it sucked.  Ryan asked me everyday to take him to preschool.  I tried explaining about spring break but then he just kept asking if it was over lol.  I have to say i'm dreading the summer....what on earth am i gonna do with these boys?!

The second week of spring break my step mom had 2 days off and came to visit one day and the next she took us to the Aquarium.  It was super cool.  I hadn't been since I was super little and to see my boys eyes light up at all the different fish, birds, snakes, whales ect was awesome. 

The first part of the aquarium we went in was the rainforest part, it was super warm...just like it gets here in the summer.  We were peeling off layers of jackets and sweaters it was so warm lol.  The best part was when all the butterflies started flying around and one landed on Alex's nose!  It happend so fast that by the time I wanted to take a picture it flew away.  He was suprised and giggle, it was really adorable.  Ryan had a blast, he loved everything and asked a lot of questions just like any 3 year old would.  I think his favortie part was seeing the Beluga Whales, he loved sitting there with his hand on the glass as they swam by.  I snapped a picture of him doing that and it's now one of my favorites.  I can't wait to take them back.

After the aquarium we headed back to my step moms house to have dinner.  Just before dinner Alex and Ryan were playing and Alex was standing at the coffee table and we were all talking and our of know where he just lets go and takes 3 steps!  I was so excited and said "Whoa, he's walking!!!!"  I think I scared him a bit lol cause he dropped to his knees.  I was so happy, finally my baby was ready to walk!  It was really neat to because everyone that was there minus 3 people were there to witness Alex walking just as Ryan did when he first started, it was pretty fricken cool!

Here are just a few pics and a video of Alex taking his first steps.


Anyone hungry :) 
I like to make lots and freeze them!

Ryan asked for pancakes, today he got a super special one!

I made a baby one for Alex :)

Ryan was soooo happy and he gobbled the whole thing up!

Alex was pretty happy too!


Lunch Time!

Ryan made me an early lunch!  This thing has everything on it.  Ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce, jam, peanut butter, hamburger patty, balogna.  I'm sure there is something missing lol.  YUM!

Me and My Boys

Just a couple of pictures.  :)

Kevin and his boys

We really need to get some family pictures done.  We are never all in the same picture, it's always me and the boys or Kevin and the boys. 

Play Date

Ryans friend Oliver from preschool came over to play today.  His mom and I are setting up some playdates for them since Oilver will be moving to WhiteRock and his mom will be giving birth to his new baby sister soon so we won't be seeing them much anymore.  Plus Oliver is 2 years older than Ryan so he will be starting kindergarden in September.  These 2 play so nice toghether, it will be weird not seeing Oliver all the time.

Alex says this is my toy......

...and i'll sit on it if I want to!!  lol!

Crazy Kid

I Love this boy...he's crazy and a handful or 2 but I just love him....how could you not with this huge smile!!

He's a little dare devil and isn't scared of much...he does some crazy things sometimes.  I know i'll have to keep my eyes on him ALL the time....not like I don't already but i'm sure things will get even more interesting as he gets older. 

This is one of the things he loves to do...it's not so dare devilish but cute enough to post.  He loves this toy!  It's a race track that spins when you put cars down the ramp and he always loves to sit on it...I wish it spun while he sat on it, that'd be awesome lol!

MMM Big Black Forest Cake!

Today we had Kevin's parents over for dinner.  March 17th was Kevins dads birthday and they were away so we planned a dinner at our house and I made dessert.  Kevin's dad really likes Black Forest Cake so that is what I made.  It was the first time I had ever made one and it was super sized and awesome lol!  It came out way bigger...taller than I expected but at least I know how to make it smaller next time.  Either way it turned out awesome and was so yummy!

MMM Lemons!

lol!!  This pic is priceless....and funny thing is he'd already been sucking on the lemon for like 2 minutes before he actually made a sour face.  This is the best i've ever seen.  I still crack up when i look at it!

Happy St Patty's Day!!

Enjoy!!   I know I will be lol!  I made these for my boys preschool class.  I'm the official designated cupcake maker lol....the teacher now asks everyone to bring anything except cupcakes since that's now my job!  Everytime I bring them they go like hot cakes and when there is a new holiday coming everyone talks and wonders what my cupcakes will look like next.

Happy 1st Birthday Alex!!!!

Happy Birthday to the most happy, smiley, crazy little man I know!!!  I love you little Boo <3