Stanley Park

Today we took the kids and spent the day at Stanley Park.  We pack a picnic lunch, swim suits for the kids and headed out.  We played at the water park, the playground, went on a train ride and walked around.  It was a very hot day so we had the best fun we could with being hot and some being miserable at times.  All in all it was a good day.

Cupcake Fun!

Today is actually Wendy's birthday, the other day was her party.  So today since it was a beautiful day I decided to make cupcakes and butter cream icing and let the kids decorate there own cupcakes.  they had so much fun and loved what they created.  Happy 5th Birthday Wendy :)

And just some extra pictures from fun beautiful summers day :)



Happy Birthday Wendy

Today Ryan and Alex's best friend Wendy turns 5!  The kids had a great time at the party even though is was cloudy and cold and rainy.  Of course the sun decided to come out after we had already packed up and were ready to leave.

I was asked to make a butterfly cupcake cake.  It turned out ok as this was the first time doing one like this.  After making it though I knew how I could make the next way better.  Live and learn right ;)

Sera walking! 13 months and 8 days old!