Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family near and far :)

We had a great day, the boys were so excited and loved all there gifts!!

5 years with Santa!

5 years with Santa!  Gosh my boys have grown and changed so much!  ...and see how all the pics "match" lol!

Visit with Santa! I should have said Visits's lol!  I took the boys to see Santa 3-4 times this year.  I didn't like the first 2 pics but the 3rd turned out great.

The first time I went with my friend Laurie and her 2 boys.  I didn't like how to pictures turned out.  They were vertical instead of horizontal and i'm kind of anal about that.  All the rest of the santa phots I have are vertical and I wanted them to match :p

Santa Take ONE

The next time I took them was at Guildford Mall, I heard that Tuesdays were free for Santa pics so I thought i'd go try them out.  I had never been there before ony because the prices are just way too high.  The pic turned out pretty good but I still love Metrotown for pics as i've been going there for years.

Santa Take TWO

I took them back to Metrotown, has them in the same outfits as take two and asked the lady if she could take the pics prob :)   The pic turned out great....and now matches the others :) 

Santa Take THREE!

It was kind of a pain in the butt, but hey what kid doesn't like to see Santa a bunch of times...and the looks on there faces everytime is priceless :)


Took the boys our to enjoy the snow!  Ya gotta enjoy it fast around here, it's usually gone the next day.  I love watching them play and have snowball fights and make snow angles.  It's so much fin being a kid!

Strong Start Christmas Party

This is year 3 for the boys at strong start.  Hard to believe Alex started going at 6 months and Ryan was just over 2.5.  The boys lve Monica (the teacher) like a family member and I'm pretty sure she enjoys them the same way. 

I love that every year she has her husband dress as Santa and her daughter as Santa's helper....the kids just love it!

Every year we are asked to bring a small present and give it to Monica, then when her husband arrives she quickly takes them all out to him and fills his big red bag.  He comes in and sits with the kids, talks to them and then calls out the names on the gifts and everyone gets a present.  The kids just love it!

After gifts it's snack time....we do a pot luck and everyone or most brings something to contribute.  I usually always make and bring cupcakes but wasn't feeling well so just went with cookies instead.

The yearly parties for holidays are a big hit, super croweded and busy but fun for the kids.

Christmas Party at the Yacht Club

Another year at the Yacht Club for a christmas party for the kids.  I love being able to take the boys every year, a tradition I hope they will remember.

This year they got to decorate christmas cookies and make christmas ornaments.  They had Mc Donalds for lunch and then Mrs Claus showed up to sing songs and tell stories before Santa arrived.


After songs and stories with Mrs Clause the kids heard Santa was on his way and waited patiently at the doorway.
I see him!

He's coming!

Santa gives out presents!

The boys had a great day and loved there new toys from Santa!  Can't wait to go again next year! :)