Finally an Update!!

Finally updating!  I know it's late better late than never :p

July 31st we celebrated my baby cousin Leila's 2nd birthday.   Everyone had a good time eating, playing and swimming. 

August 5th we took the boys to Golden Ears Park and went for a hike.  Ryan loved it and Alex wanted to run all over the place and take a detour through the other trails.  We got about half way through out hike and the boys were done and so I carried Alex back down in my baby carrier.  Ryan also wanted to be carried so Kevin did that job lol.  THAT was my workout for the day lol! 
After we came back down we took the boys to the lake, they LOVED it and didn't want to leave.  I love that my boys aren't afraid of the water and love to get wet. 

August 13th my mom and I went to the Crematoriam where my Great Grandmas ashes were spread.  The plaque with both my great grandparents names on it were supposed to be ready so we wanted to go and check it out.  There was a little confusion but all in all it was good to finally see there names on the wall together just like my Great Grandpa wanted, now they rest together again after 27 years. <3

August 18th, Kevins diploma finally arrived today!!!  I'm so proud of him for working so hard and going back to school.  It's been hard and stressful but it will be worth it.  He's been looking for work but no luck yet.  Please send some good luck vibes, and if you know anyone looking for a Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice let us know!! :)

August 17th we went to Cultas Lake.  A family picnic is held every year for my husbands sister work for those employed and retired.  Tons of families go, it's a crowded place but lots to do.  The boys had a good time running around, getting there faces painted and eating some good food.

August 19th , a day at the park again.  We gone to the park almost everyday since it's been sunny. 

My handsome boys <3 <3

August 23rd  I took the boys to Toys R Us to have a look around.  We just live up the street from it so Ryan asks me to take him there when we go for a walk.  We had looked all over the store and as we were leaving I saw a wagon in the front in the clearance section.  I immediatly went towards it thinking why is this here, it can't be on sale.  I had been eyeing this exact wagon since Alex was born but it's costs over 200 bucks so there is no way i was ever going to get it.  I went up to it and turned it around and sure enough it had a 40 dollar price tag on it, I though NO WAY!  This can't be 40 bucks!  As I was looking at it I realized the canopy was broken, the seat covers and back storage bag were missing so that explained the sale price.  I literally stood there for 30 minutes deciding whether or not I should by this thing.  I always knew I wanted to buy a wagon for the boys so I texted Kevin and asked if I could get it, he said sure.  So I put it on hold since there was no way I could take it right away, plus I wanted Kevin to come and look at it to make sure it was something we should get.  At the end of the day we did get the wagon and my boys were super happy!

Everytime I tell Ryan to smile and get close to Alex he does, it looks like he's going to strangle his silly!

Then I tried to get another but Ryans eyes were closed....sigh!

The boys love there new wagon, I love it when they are happy, it makes me happy <3

August 24th  We were off to the park again....we go A LOT!  lol.   The boys played in the water park and then at the regular park right beside the water park.  2 parks in one, what could be better than that! 
 They played for a while and right before we left one of those darn ice cream trucks showed up.  Ryan was so excited and begged me for an ice cream but like usual i said no.  Ya, I know, i'm a party pooper.  I just don't feel the need to let my kids eat junk all the time...and besides those icecreams are fricken expensive.  Well anyways realizing that I do say no to that stuff a lot i decided to check what I had for change and lucky for him I had a toonie.  I told him to go up and see what he could get for 2 bucks.  The icecream man showed him what he could get and asked what color to choose.  It was just one of those regular popsicals that has 2 sticks and you break it in half.  So that was great, he was able to share it with Alex!!  So Ryan choose a purple one and I broke it in half and gave each boy one.  They were the happiest little kids in the playground lol, so happy that they got a popsical.  I love it when they get excited for treats that they don't get often.  Anyways the boys enjoyed there popsicals, they both had purple toungs while Alex also had purple hands and chin lol! 

We celebrated Kevins 32nd birthday....(gosh soon it'll be my turn:(

Whew!  I made it! Sorry it took a little longer than I expected to update.  I've been busy with the boys trying to soak up as much sun as we can get.  September is starting out nice, lets hope the weather stays nice a little while longer! :)

Working on updating!

It's been almost a month since I made my last post!  I've been so busy with the boys and doing other things that I haven't had time to update my blog.  Over the next few days I'll be getting pictures together and hopefully have my blog updated by Sunday at the latest....I hope lol!!