Fall Photoshoot

I'm borrowing my father in laws camera as my sister in law ask me to photograph her wedding.  I thought i'd practice with it outside so after Ryan was done school we went to a park and I snapped away.  I'm using a Konica Minolta and it's pretty cool...and pretty easy to use.  I'm pretty happy with the results.  I've already printed and framed pictures for my house :)

I'm so in love with these beautiful kids!

My favorite of the boys!

I adore this sweet girl <3

Please vote for Sera!

Please vote for my daughter Sera!

Click on the link below, click on the "Galler/Vote" and Type in "Sera"  there are 6 pictures of her posted by Amanda T. One is on page 2 ;)  Please vote on all of them!! Thank-you :)

Gerber Photo Contest!

Halloween Cookies!

Last year I made Christmas cookies using Oreos - see here: Christmas Cookies  This year I found some Halloween ones and decided to make them again.  I love when I someone has one and they aren't expecting to see the color in the middle and are surprised :)

I love fall!

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love how all the leaves change colors and the cool crisp breeze in the mornings.  This morning I decided to make a new fall wreath.  I'm thinking of adding ribbon but othwise love the final product :)