So it's been a while since I posted last.  My last post was of our cat Rex, I posted and couldn't come back....I couldn't see the post of his sweet face and be reminded that he's not here anymore.  Here's what happend since I never did explain.  The morning of April 2nd Kevin went to check on Rex cause he hadn't seen him the day before and he went to the den to say hi, he picked him up gave him some pets and put him down.  Rex just fell to the floor and meowed.  He tried to get up but couldn't, when he tried he just fell down.  We've known for a while that his time was coming, he was sick a few months earlier and became very skinny then all the sudden he gained all his weight back.  Plus he ws 12 years old...he was a little old man.  Anyways after a few tries of getting Rex to walk and failing Kevin woke me up...and again I hate to hear the words that something was wrong with one of our cats.  I got up and went ot Rex, picked him up gave him some hugs and put him down and again he fell to the ground.  My heart was hurting...this wasn't good.  I picked him up again and just held him and told him I was sorry and that I loved him.  Kevin suggested that we finally put him down, we couldn't let him suffer any longer.  It was a hard and easy decission at the same time.  I got a box...and a towel....put Rex in the box and said my last goodbyes....he tried to get out of the box but his back legs wouldn't let him.  I knew he was scared and didn't want to go...be we had no choice.  Then Kevin took him and he was gone. 

Kevin texted me before Rex was put down, he texted 2 pictures of him...he looked so tired but ready to go..it was his time.  Kevin said the doctor said that he had a huge tumor that was blocking his bowel and paralized his back legs so that is why he couldn't walk.  He said that Rex probably hadn't eaten in 10 days or so and that was why again he had lost so much weight.  We never did find out why our first cat Mutant died but we are sure she had cancer as well as she had a huge lump in her belly.  CANCER SUCKS!!
Rex was the sweetest cat ever, he was such a big furry kitty bear that would never hurt a fly, would never swat at anyone and loved being pet.  He really is missed and is going to be missed for a very long time.

Anyways on happier notes...Kevin is doing well at his job...still not doing exactly what he wants but he will soon.  He got one of the highest raises in the company so he was pretty happy about that.

I've been busy with the boys and getting a lot of sewing done...plus I take care of my friends boys once a week.  The boys are doing good...growing fast, testing me and testing eachother and just being boys!


<3  Miss You