Birthday Party

We had Alex's birthday party this past weekend.  He had a great time which is all that matters...and I will end it with that and some pictures!


The room is ready!

The room is finally ready!  I'm so excited and so ready for her to come.  Sera will share a room with us like Alex did and wow her corner is a whole lot of girly lol!  I love it but it's going to take a bit to get used to.  The boys bedding was neutral and this is all girly pink and purple! Kevin walked in the room as I was putting the finishing touches up and he just smiled....not sure if that was good or bad lol! 

I'm so glad the room is done... just need to organize a few of her drawers and get a few odds and ends but other than that we are ready.  The boys can't wait to meet there baby sister!


3D Ultrasound

I had my 3D Ultrasound today....been waiting for this day for a very long time!  Little Sera was moving around like CRAZY!  The tech was trying to get a pic of her face but she was face down.  She tried nudging her but no luck.  I really had to pee so I went and did that, jumped around a bit, wiggled my belly and came back.  Finally Sera turned enough to get a few of her face....well part of it.  Her hands were in the way and some of the cord was crossing over.  She just kept moving.   Then she kept moving and had her legs in her face and turned again....she was just on a roll in my belly!  At first she was on my right side and she managed to switch to the left and the tech was finally able to get some face shots.  My heart melted....she's so cute.  I want her NOW!  lol....but she still needs to bake for 10 weeks 3 days still ;) 

Here's a sneak peak of our baby girl....more to come in MAY! :)