First Day of Grade 1!

School is finally back in session after a long summer and almost a month long school strike.  Lets just say all the kids ad parents are excited to see the kids go back to school.   I'm going to try my best to do these school photos every year even if I have to bribe them as they get older lol!

I took Ryan and his friend Wendy's photos....can't wait to do the end of the year ones to see how much they've grown.

Happy Birthday to my Niece!

I'm excited to wish my first niece a happy birthday!!!!  My niece Lily Amber was born today!

I was so excited when I found out my sister in law was pregnant....and having a girl!  I always wanted to be an auntie and now I am.  Kevin and I took the kids to see the baby tonight and she's just so adorable.  I didn't want to put her down but everyone else needed a turn holding her.  The kids just adore her and can't wait to play with her when she's older.  Karen (my sister in law) had a rough pregnancy and was still sick so we didn't stay long so she could get her rest.  I can't wait to see Lily again soon!

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

Another birthday party and another request for a cake!'s an honor to be asked to make all these cakes!

Jeremiah turned 3 was a superhero party and we went all out!  His favorite character is Captain America so most of us that are close to Jeremiah dressed in the Captain America Colors red white and blue.  We all looked fabulous, especially the little kids! 

There was a huge bouncy castle and Paige did the face painting....she did an amazing job!