Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny has arrived!

 I hope you all have a wonderful Easter :)

RIP Great Grandma

Pasta Night


I love when babies eat pasta...but I hate the clean up lol.  Usually I just give them a bath instead of taking 10 minutes to clean them up.

Gotta love this face! <3


So a lot of people have been asking me what the size difference between the boys are at 1 year.  I just looked back and copied this from my Live Journal from when Ryan had his 1 year check up.

"Today we took Ryans for his 1 year checkup. Our big boy is 25.4 pounds, his head is 19 inches around and he is 32 inches long. He got 4 shots today and did awesome. He was pouty face for the second to last and cried for the last one but recovered like a minute later. We've got a big healthy boy."

At one year Alex is lighter by a pound and a half and is 3 inches shorter than Ryan was at a year.

Ryan can spell his name!! and he reads me a bedtime story :)

Ryan can spell his name!!  It took him about 3 days and maybe 7 tries to get it right.  I'm so proud of him <3
Sorry the video is sideways :/

Tonight Ryan wanted to read me a bedtime story so of course I was cool with that! ;)  He's learning so much so fast, he amazes me, i'm again so proud of him :)  He's actually been readin this book for a while and can read it with no mistakes but we had a long day and he was tired....but still did amazing :)

1 and 3 Year Check Up!

So today I took the boys to the doctors.  Alex was due for his 12 month check up and I wanted to get Ryan checked out since he hadn't been since what...18 months?  I just wanted to checked out, make sure everything is cool, weighed and measured.  He's a healthy dude and weighs 35 pounds and is 39 inches tall!

Alex had a good appointment to, another healthy babe, 2 shots....poor thing cried so hard....but the doctor was soooo slow and it wasn't his regular doctor.  His regular doctor does the shots one after the other and it's done, no waiting 5 minutes in between to get the next ready.  Alex weighs 24 pounds and is 29 inches tall.  I can't believe there are only 10 pounds in weight and height between my boys...that is crazy!

Yay for happy healthy boys! <3