Indoor Playground Fun

Since we are still waiting for summer to arrive i've been taking the boys to the mall to play at the indoor playground they have.  I wondered which other malls had them since it was time for a changed of scenery and I found another.  I took the boys today and it was really neat, this one was school themed with a school house that had slides, an apple with milk, a school bus with stairs and a slide and some other school themed stuff.  They played for over an hour, it was great.  I think ALL malls need play areas!!

Big Brother, Little Brother

I love my boys and love that they love eachother <3


Just 2 cute pics of my boys <3

Alex got his shirt all we so my dad lent him one of his lol

Last Day

Today was the last day of pre school for summer vacation.  I tried telling Ryan this will be the last day for a while but he doesn't understand.  I'm sure the next few months he'll be begging me to go, just like he does on the weekends.  We will have to find some new activities to do in the mornings until pre scholl starts again.

The teacher asked me to make some cupcakes for the last day but since I made those for all the holidays for the year I asked her if it would be ok that I make a cake instead, she thought it would be too much work and I told her know it's totally fine.  So I made a Rainbow Cake, with white butter cream frosting and made a rainbow on top and added marshmellows on the top for clouds.  I loved how it turned out and so did everyone else....not to mention it was super yummy!

During out last day the kids did there normal play time, singing, story time and then during cake the teacher played us a video of the pictures she took through out the year.  It was pretty cool.  As i saw a few pics of my boys I said awwww, some of them were when we first when and Alex was just 7 months old, so small.  My boys have both grown a lot in a year and have also learnt a lot.  Ryan has memorized all the songs and hand gestures, Alex knows all the hand gestures which is amazing for a baby his age.  He started getting the hang of it around 10 months, the teacher said she's never seen a little one do that before, she was amazed.

After the video the kids got to play until it was time to go.  I had brought Alex's bubble machine for the kids to play with outside but due to the rain we were stuck inside.  I asked the teacher if we could use it inside since we were on the carpet and she gave the go ahead.  I snuck it in the class and turned it on without the kids seeing and as soon as the bubbles started flying everywhere the kids were so excited and running around everywhere chasing bubbles.  It was a good way to end the day.

My boys and I will miss preschool until September, we can't wait to go back! :)


Today at preschool Alex really wanted to paint so Monica (the teacher) helped him out and i snapped pics :) She painted his hand as he giggled and then flatten his hand as it headed for the paper to make a hand print.  He was pretty impressed.
This kid LOVES to paint, so much so that he runs to the easle all the time and pics up a brush for each hand and paints on the paper.  There is never a day that he doesn't get paint on his clothes.  All of Ryans old clothes and Alexs new clothes are getting well used now. :)


Today at preschool the kids got to play outside.  Ryan was running around with his friends, they were having so much fun so I had to snap a couple of pictures :)

Alex was having fun to, he likes to run around everywhere and opposite to where I want to be.

After preshool we went to my dads so the kids could play outside and use the pool.  They love it!  They'd spend all day in there if they could.

I can't wait to have a backyard one day.  It will be nice to let them play outside all day and not have to say it's time to go, instead i'll just have to say it's time for bed ;)

Out for a walk

Since pre school ended for the year i've been taking the boys out a lot more.  They like to go out for walks, or just out in general.  It lets them run off some engery and kind of gives me a break when they start to drive me crazy at home.  We like to go to Holland Park and they love to run around all the paths and check out the waterfall.  Today as we walked through we noticed they have been making a little playground.  It's about time!!  They have all this space and no play area for the kids.  Ryan is erally excited about it and he can't wait till it's done so he can play there.  Until then we bring chalk for the boys to play with and draw on the ground.

Pillowcase Dress

So i've been sewing a lot lately and came across a tutorial to make a pillowcase dress.  It was super easy to make.  I made one, then my mother in law asked me to make one to send to her friend for her daughter.  I love how it turned out.  I also added hair clips to match :)

I hope to make more soon! :)

Bye Bye Butterflies

Today was the day to release the butterflies.  All the kids were so excited.  Monica (the teacher) gathered everyone around and opened the container the butterflies were in.  None of the butterflies flew out, they just stayed in the container.  Monica used leaves and flowers to lift them up and out and off some flew, and a few stuck around.  One of the butterflies stuck around a group of kids and the other landed on the grass near Alex.  The kids just loved it. 

I'd like to do this at home with the boys next year.  If you have time you should do it with your kids.  I'm not sure where to get them, i've gotta find out but they are called painted lady butterflies :)


The boys preschool teacher brought some caterpillars to school so we could watch them turn into butterflies.  It was really amazing to come to school everyday and see how they've grown and made there cacoons and then finally turn into beautiful butterflies.  I think some of the parents were more excited than the kids. 

This morning when we arrived 2 had turned into butterflies and these pictures were takes seconds after 2 more stretched out of there cacoons.  It was super cool to see, it was like a baby being born lol.

In a few days we will release them and let them fly free.  Did you know that once they turn into butterflies they only live for 3 weeks?  Crazy huh?!


I took video of Alex this morning being his funny self.  This kid cracks me up!

Kisses for Brother

Ryan fell asleep on the chair and Alex went over and gave him kisses.  What a sweet brother he is.  Though seconds after taking the second picture Alex decided to hit Ryan in the face which then woke Ryan up.  Silly Kid.

My Gorgeous Babes!

The title says it all <3

Long time no post.

Well it's been pretty much 1 month since i'v posted anything.  I've been busy with the boys and really just haven't felt like updating.  I apologise to those who have been waiting for a new post. 

Anyways for now i will just post pictures and a description of what happend that day.

I took the boys to the park this day.  I have more pictures but they move a lot so most came out blurry.

This day my mother in law asked me to come along and bring the boys to a birthday party for a set of twins.  As it turns out it was a joint birthday for 2 sets of twins.  The party was at a rec center and the gym was filled with lots of toys and a big blow up dino thing.  They had a blast.

Another random day at the park.  Gosh my boys are getting so big!

May 20th we said our final good byes to my Great Grandma as she passed away April 17th, 2 weeks before her 94th birthday.  It was incredibly hard to say good bye and I was so glad Ryan was there to give me a big bear hug.  Kids always make things better. 

She is here now with her her husband my Great Grandpa and soon there will be a plaque with their names on it added to the wall.

The day before my Grandparents came over and my Grandma said she had something for me. She pulled out a little red velvet bag from her purse and pulled out a set of rings.  I knew exactly what they were and who's they were.  She said these were my Great Grandma's wedding bands and she thought I might like to have them since Kevin and I were married on my Great Grandparents anniversary (we didn't find out until a few months before the wedding)  I burst into tears and said of course I will keep them.

Aren't they gorgeous!  I'm honored to have them and wear them.

We went to my dads this past Sunday and Alex found the dogs water bowl and had a blast in it.  Of course Ryan had to join too :)  My dad gave Alex a glass of water and he was so excited about it, he did good drinking out of it and then went to sit down and dumped it all over himself....that was pretty funny, he wasn't expecting all that cold water lol.

After all that water fun the boys played on the swings.  Alex loves the swing and would probably stay in it for hours if I let him.  He loves it so much he fell asleep in it while Ryan was pushing him <3

Here is a short video while Alex was on the swing.  I don't know how he can fall asleep like that lol!
Click on the link below.