Fresh Start - New Blog

So i've started a new blog, I loved my old blog/journal but I needed something that I could customize a little bit more, and something that was a bit faster/easier.  This blog will still have updates about the boys but it will also have updates on what Kevin and I have been or are up to.  It's about the whole family now.  You can still view the old journal here: but make sure you come here for recent blog posts. 

Enjoy :)

Play Date!

I took the kids for a play date at our friends today.  She has such a huge gorgeous back yard.  The kids played for a bit then wanted to watch a movie.  All the kids were inside while my friend was also inside making lunch.  It was just Sera and I outside.  Sera fell asleep on me and I just sat there in was sooooo nice.  I really enjoyed the 10-15 min of sunshine and quiet...except for the birds chirping which was actually relaxing.  I told my friend that I would definatley be back lol!

I don't know what it is about this picture but I just love it!

my little love <3

Alex and his girlfriend ;)

Stay and Play Fun!

I take Alex and Sera to Stay and Play twice a week and they just love it.  I'm glad they have something like this in my area to take them to.  It's a great place for them to burn off some energy and meet new friends - even great for mommy ;)


Happy 11 Months!

Still can't get enough of this girl!  11 Months old already, she's learning and growing so fast.  I really wish you could have an extra year of the baby stage, especially when you are sure it's your last.  I'm trying to soak up all these moments I have with her but everyday just fly's by.  I love watching the boys with her, they just adore her so much.  She's been such an awesome addition to our family <3

Happy Easter!

Love spending every holiday with these cuties!!

The kids had a great easter and got lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny ;)  Love seeing them so happy and reliving my childhood through them!

Happy 10 Months!

Wow, I can't believe Sera is 10 months old already!  Where the heck is the time going.  I feel like I just had her 2 months ago, not 10!  I'm really not ready for her to turn 1 yet....I just want the next 2 months to go by reaaaaallly slloooooooow!

Happy 9 Months!

9 Months old today....time is going by too fast!

A look Back

Just a cute video from my last 7 years on Facebook.  Thanks Facebook and Happy 10 years to you!

Just a few pics

Was playing with my camera for a bit today and took a few pics of these cuties :)

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today my oldest turns 6!  SIX!  Where has the last 6 years gone?  It sure has gone by fast that's for sure!

He was so excited to turn 6 and now talks about when he's turning 7.  He's so quick to grow up but I remind him to enjoy being a kid because once you are older you will be wishing you were still one.

Ryan got lots of goodies today, we did presents this morning and the rest when daddy got home from work, after that we went for dinner with Kevin's parents, sister and brother in law and then after that is was back to Kevin's parents house for more presents and cake.

I made mini cupcakes for him and his class, he was super excited...can you tell? lol!


All this and then a party for him on Sunday....what a lucky boy!

Happy 8 Months!

My baby girl is 8 months old today!

Happy New Year!

Wishing all our friends and family a Happy New Year!  Tonight we watched movies with the kids.  Sera lasted till about 930, Alex lasted till 10 and Ryan lasted till 11....and I lasted till 1130 lol!  I just couldn't stay up the extra half an hour.  Kevin was able to last till midnight!


I took the kids to visit Santa today.  I got them all dress they clean up nice - not that they need much cleaning up lol. 

The boys as usual were so excited to see Santa.  This is Sera's first year of course so i'm not sure what to expect.  Right now she's very clingy and a total momma's girl.  If anyone else holds her she cries so sitting on Santa's knee might set her off.......buuuuuut she did great and everyone........


I was one giddy happy excited momma that all my kids smiled in the same picture with Santa!  I couldn't have gotten a more perfect picture!
Love these 3 <3

... and her, I can't get enough of her!

7 Months Old

This little cutie is Seven Months Old today!

Having a girl is too much fun, way too much :)  My baby is getting so big so fast.  She sure loves her food.  I haven't found anything that she hasn't disliked yet.  She's not crawling yet but she gets in her hands and knees and slides backwards a bit.  I'm in no rush to have her crawl though... cause I know once she starts that's it, she's off!

Christmas Photoshoot

Today I took Christmas photos of my kids.  I dressed them up, set up a little Christmas background and took photos.  It went really well.  I'm so glad I've had a camera in my kids faces since birth lol.  They just know what to do when I have it out and pretty much 99% of the time I get the photos I dream of in my head.
Seriously, how handsome are these two?!

And how adorable is she?!

Love these 3 with all my heart!