Fresh Start - New Blog

So i've started a new blog, I loved my old blog/journal but I needed something that I could customize a little bit more, and something that was a bit faster/easier.  This blog will still have updates about the boys but it will also have updates on what Kevin and I have been or are up to.  It's about the whole family now.  You can still view the old journal here: but make sure you come here for recent blog posts. 

Enjoy :)

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

Another birthday party and another request for a cake!'s an honor to be asked to make all these cakes!

Jeremiah turned 3 was a superhero party and we went all out!  His favorite character is Captain America so most of us that are close to Jeremiah dressed in the Captain America Colors red white and blue.  We all looked fabulous, especially the little kids! 

There was a huge bouncy castle and Paige did the face painting....she did an amazing job!

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Today our friends daughter turned 3.  She had a princess party and Cinderella even made an appearance!  The kids really loved that.  I was asked to make Olivia's cake....a Cinderalla cupcake princess dress cake.  This one I had fun with and it turned out better than the previous butterfly cupcake cake I made only because after doing one you figure out what you can do different the next time to make it better.

Cookies and Pretzels made by Olivia's mom!

Cinderella is here!

 Cinderella signed autographs for the kids!

and last but not leave the cake I made :)


Stanley Park

Today we took the kids and spent the day at Stanley Park.  We pack a picnic lunch, swim suits for the kids and headed out.  We played at the water park, the playground, went on a train ride and walked around.  It was a very hot day so we had the best fun we could with being hot and some being miserable at times.  All in all it was a good day.