Playpen Ball Pit!

I saw this idea a while back and had to do it.  I don't have a lot of room in my place so with all the baby stuff and the boys stuff we need to keep things simple and clutter free.  The boys have tents that I could have used but again just too much out.  So I decided to use Sera's playpen to make a ball bit.  It's perfect cause she stays contained in one space, she's super happy and momma can get some things done around the house.  She loved it....especially when she'd throw the balls out and then her older brother would throw them back in. 

First Birthday Photoshoot.

I was so excited when I found out I was having a girl.  I kept thinking of all the fun girly things we could do together.  After having 2 boys a girl is super fun.  I've always wanted to do baby girl photos and I finally had my chance.  I did her first birthday photos just as I did with my boys....and every other photo lol.

This photoshoot was fun, she did amazing, didn't pee on the floor while out of a diaper and even dug into some cake!

I just adore this girl, I mean how could you not....look at this face!




I can't believe a year has gone by already and this girl is ONE!  I swear the more kids you have the faster the year goes by.  I'm so sad she's already one but am looking forward to her growing and learning more.
I finally finished the last of her monthly pics.  She did great through all.  I have to say Alex was the hardest to take monthly pics of.  That kid didn't sit still and still doesn't till this day.
I love looking at these pictures and seeing how much she's grown and changed through each month.  It's pretty amazing.

We started off with Sera's first birthday at home then had her party in the community room where we live.  It was just easier for us and her since she isn't walking yet so a play place would have been out of the question.  She had a great time with friends and family.  We thank everyone who came to celebrate her special day with us.

  Her brothers are good helpers!

Her favorite presents were her new baby dolls...she just adores them!

And a special gift I picked up.  A cupcake coin bank with her name engraved on it.


It's party time!

Cake and cupcakes made by me :) 

mmmmm cake!

She got another baby doll!

My friends daughter is very artsy/crafty....she made this head piece for Sera with tissue paper from her cute!!



More fun with Friends

I took the kids to my friend Vanessa's house again to play with her daughter.  They love playing together and her daughter and Alex get a long great.  A nice relaxing day in a big back yard and water play for the kids......what could be better?!