Belly Art

I saw this idea online...probably pinterest but not 100% sure.  Anyways I offered the boys to let them draw on my belly.  They were totally up for it and had a blast!  They wanted me to wash it off so they could start all over....I said no, once is enough for today lol!

I love how it turned out :)

One more pic!

One more picture and i'm done!  Lets hope I make it....I have to lol!  24 days till we get to meet our daughter!  I'm so excited!

A look at all 3 pregnancies.  I'm glad I did this, it's nice to look back on....even my oldest thinks it's neat and wants to see it all the time.

34 weeks 6 days

I had another Dr appointment today.  Baby is doing good, still measuring on track, and heartbeat is at 155.  The Dr asked me if I had any questions or concerns and once again I complained about the pain in my side.  Before she said she couldn't do anything and that is was probably the baby's foot stuck in my ribs.  I've had the same pain but getting worse since about 18 weeks.  I explained that my pain felt like a stabbing pain or an open wound kind of pain. I was also concerned because the baby moves so much and if it was her leg stuck in my ribs then you'd think i'd be able to feel tugging in that spot but I feel no movement there, just pain.  She got out a form to book an ultrasound for me right away.  I'm glad, I want to know if it's actually a foot or something else and i'd rather know now rather than later.  I hope to hear back Monday as to when my ultrasound will be....can't wait to see my little babe again too <3

Been busy being crafty!

Well i'm now 34 weeks pregnant!  The day I get to meet my baby girl is getting really close.  My heart beats a little faster as each week goes by!  I been realizing how close it's getting and had all these things I've been wanting to make my baby this past week I started and have accomplished a lot :)

First off  I made her a baby wipes these things and so does everyone who buys them from me.  It beats carrying around those ugly white containers ;)

Second I made her a hair accessory holder.  She will definitely need more of these...her first one is all full of hair stuff I made a while back to sell but now it's all for her :)  I love how it turned out!!

And last I just finished her car seat canopy last night.  I wish I had started sewing before my first was born...I would have loved to make these for each of my boys.  Ohh, I can't wait till she's here to enjoy all this girly stuff!  I'm still weirded out when I walk in my bedroom and see girly's been 5 years of all boy colors, it is a nice refreshing change to see some brighter colors :)

Tonight my next project is a purple flower blanky with purple minky dot on the underside.  I hate sewing minky but i'll do anything for my baby girl :)