Happy Halloween Part 2

For the last 3 years,  we've taken the boys to my dads house to do trick or treating around the block.  We go for dinner and then go out around 6.

I always take the stroller with me just incase Alex gets tired but he wanted to walk.  He did awesome and actually walked the whole time...we were gone for about an hour. 

Ryan and Alex did awesome and were so excited with there stash of candies, I let them have 1 or 2 each and they were pretty happy about that! :D

The Stash!

Happy Halloween - Preschool

Today we had a Halloween Party at preschool where we brought all kinds of treats and the kids dressed up in there costumes.

Of course my treats were cupcakes :D

How cute are those little mummy cupcakes!  And of course by the end of the party there were non left, just how I like it...I don't want to have to take any home!

I dressed my boys up in there costumes before we left for preschool, they were super adorable.  Ryan was Thomas, he wouldn't be anything else!  I still get to choose what Alex is so he ws a little green Monster...omg soooo cute!!!

The boys had a great time doing crafts, singing and story time...oh and snack time!!

and I just adore this costume, I think i'm gonna save it forever lol!

Happy Birthday To Me

Yep, another year has past...it sucks.  I'm getting older but not quit looking my age, actually younger which is good, wish my body felt as young as the rest of me does. ;)

I had a good day with family.  Thanks to everyone for the birthday gifts and wishes :) <3

Pumkin Patch!

Today we took the boys to the pumpkin patch.  It was the perfect day to go, so sunny and warm!

As soon as we went in Alex was picking up pumpkins from left to right, he wanted them all!  It was pretty cute.

The first and only 2 pumpkins that Alex picked out were perfect, nice and round and no weird marks on them.  I adored the pumpkins he choose :)

The boys loved running around and check out different things at the pumpkin patch.

Very cool pirate ship, wish I had a back yard for this!

We had a blast going through the corn maze, running every way and getting stuck at dead ends...the boys loved it!

After the corn maze we finally headed to the pumpkins....where boys got stuck in mud!

We finally made it to the patch! There is Kevin, Ryan, Alex and my Dad!

Of course Alex went straight to picking out pumpkins!  I love this next pic, he found a great pumpkin, probably more than i thought he could handle but he actually picked it up, but before I could snap the pic he dropped it.  He tried so hard to pick it up again and was getting mad at it.  In this picture it looks like he's using his super powers to try and pick it up again! :)

We got a  good stash of pumpkins, i'm pretty happy with what my boys chose :)

After picking out some good pumpkins we headed to the barn where all the animals were.  The boys had a great time checking them all out.  Alex was loving it and climbing the fences to get a better look!

Once we were all done in the barn it was time to head out. 

 We had a great day! We left with 8 pumpkins and only spent 20 bucks!....thanks dad for paying out way in ;)