Tonight for dinner I made crap!  My sister in law made up the recipie or got it from somewhere and she calls it "crap" because you just throw a bunch of ingredients together.  This is great if you need to feed a lot of people, great for camping trips or even parties.  This recipe can feed 3 adults and 2 kids and you still have lots left over!  We still have half of the casserole dish left over for lunch tomorrow :)  If you need a lot more or want to freeze some just double the recipe :)


2 boxes extra creamy Kraft Dinner
1 can of mushroom soup
chilli powder
hot sauce
1/2 cup of water
1/2 - 1 cup chedder cheese
1 package of bacon

Cook kraft dinner as instructed on the box.
While Kraft dinner is cooking cook the pack of  bacon.
After kraft dinner is cooked and prepared add the can of mushroom soup and add half a cup of water and mix all together. 
Add hot sauce chilli powder and pepper to taste.  This will depend on how hot you want it to be.  I use franks red hot sauce and probably put in 2-3 teaspoons,  about half a teaspoon of chilli powder and half a teaspoon of pepper.
After your bacon is cooked chop in up into small pieces and use 3/4 of it in the mixture, mix all together. 
Pour into a cassarole dish and sprinkle chedder cheese and the rest of the bacon on top.
Back at 350 for about 15-20 minutes!

And yum.... Crap! :)

If you try it, let me know what you think! 


Well, I thought I had made an update but nope.  I guess I forgot.  Anyways we've been in our new place for 20 days now.  It's been a long 20 days or unpacking, organizing, keeping the boys entertained, fixing things and getting rid of a lot of stuff.  How can we have soooo much stuff?!  I didn't think we had a lot but apparently I was wrong.  So far I must have gotten rid of 10 boxes of stuff and have more to go through and get rid of.  Things are slowly coming a long.

Had a scary day about a week after we moved in.  I was sweeping under the stairs and started having trouble breathing.  I went and sat down and tried to catch my breath.  I was weasing and my chest felt heavy.  I sat for a bit more trying to decide if I should wake the boys from there nap and head to the clinic or just rest and wait it out.  I stood up and though no, I should I went upstairs and that was it for me.  I got worse and was having a very hard time catching my breath.  I started to panic which made it worse so I went back downstairs and called my mother in law and told her to come over and she told me to call 911.  I called 911 and it was pretty hard for me to talk, each breath was hard and trying to give all my into felt like forever to give.  After about 5 min of waiting the fire truch showed up first and the ambulance right after....must have looked so good to the neighbors lol.  Anyways they checked me out and gave me oxygen and said it most likely had to do with my allergies and that i have severe seasonal allergies.  We waited for my inlaws to arrived and then off to the hospital I went.  I waited about 2.5 hours or so to see the Dr and he told me that my i have severe seasonal allergies and that he doesn't even know how i'm able to breathe.  He said that my nasal passages are overlapping.  He told me that any over the counter stuff i've tried i'm probably already immune to so I was given a perscription for a allergy steriod and a neti pot type thing.  So far those things have helped. 

Hmm, what else...oh ya, Ryan did his level 3 swimming but didn't pass this time.  He's still a bit afraid and won't let go and try things on his own.  I took him swimming about a week later and put a life jacket on him and he did everything by his self.  I hope with more practice before his next set of lessons he will be more confident and do things on his own, but with out a life jacket.

I've been keeping the boys busy on summer days taking them to different summer and sun, i'm never home when it's sunny!  I love that it's light out longer and that it stays warm at night.

I think that's all I have to update for now....time to unpack and get rid of some more stuff....wish i would have done more of that before moving lol!